ATOMIC TALENT helps private investors and their portfolio companies to accelerate growth and build healthy organizations.

did you know?

  • Only 12% of PE firms believe their investments reach full potential 90% or more of the time.
  • "Buy & Build" and "People & Talent" are the top two Value Creation Plans in PE. That's because human capital & culture - the Operating Model - comprise 52% of a company's market value!
  • Winners know this, so they ensure their Operating Model can deliver the Value Creation Plan - FAST.


Problems We've Solved.
Sound Familiar?


Hiring & Onboarding

1.  Speed to productivity is huge! We need to know who has the horsepower to 'get good quickly.'

2.  We need people who can adapt as the business grows & evolves. How do we assess for learning agility? Who are the future leaders hidden in our ranks?

3. We need to quickly establish trust and performance standards with new hires and newly promoted employees.

4. We need to improve quality-of-hire while de-biasing talent decisions in a tight labor market.

5. We need a common language & tools to ensure consistency in hiring and onboarding.


Sales & Customer Success

1.  We need the right sales talent to achieve aggressive growth targets. Skills & experience don’t explain performance differences. What will?

2.  We need to distinguish between hunters, farmers and customer success experts. Their profiles are too often confused.

3. Our product training is good but our process training needs work.  What’s the best and fastest way to develop consultative sales skills?

4. How do we better understand buying styles and customer behavior to improve product adoption and loyalty?

5. Is there a personality profile that correlates with sales performance? Is there a cognitive profile?


Performance, Execution, and post-M&A Integration

1.  We need to quickly assess readiness to execute our strategy across the business. Do we have the right talent and teams in critical areas?

2.  We need to upskill salespeople and managers – especially first-time managers – in simple, practical, cost-effective ways.

3. Effective M&As are a cornerstone of our strategy. How do we execute high-quality integrations of culture and talent?

4. How do we quickly and cost-effectively discern drivers of performance in every key role–not just leadership–that aren’t on a resume?

5. How do we promote, develop and rotate high-performing talent in an objective, data-driven way?


Culture, Leadership Team Alignment, & Interpersonal Dynamics

1.  We need to highlight the collective strengths and blindspots of the executive team.

2. We need to improve interpersonal & team dynamics in simple, non- threatening ways.

3. We need to know which cultural elements drive specific KPIs like EBITDA, ROA, ROIC, etc. to emphasize the right things.

4. We need a common language and data to troubleshoot areas of operational friction, especially between teams and geographies.  

5. We need to equip managers with data and tools to reinforce culture and improve performance and engagement – quickly.

Outcomes We Deliver

Improved Talent Selection

Improved Margins & Burn Rate

Improved Speed to Productivity

Improved Retention of High Performers

Improved Sales & Customer Success

From our clients

Tom played a crucial role in improving our employees’ collaboration and overall team dynamics.

His assistance was particularly valuable in making tough management decisions. As an advisor, he maintained a high standard for confidentiality while influencing decisions in the best interest of the company and individual team members. Having a thought partner who listens carefully and helps you step back to assess the complex nature of people's strengths and motivators is incredibly valuable.

Having an advisor like Tom – equipped with all the tools Atomic Talent offers – who can improve the team's well-being and productivity in unison is truly priceless.

-A. Jaspart
CTO Series B tech client

After 10 days of working with Thomas my fear was that he could do my job better than me.

6 months later my realization was that his insights enabled me to do my job 10x better. He wasn't a threat, he was an ally.

He is an immensely curious, insightful, direct thought-partner. Thomas is insightful, internally motivated, and in it for shit that matters.

-Evan Green-Lowe
VP, Talent Andela, a client

Tom’s workshop with our sales and leadership team on Customer Focused Selling was a masterclass in how to better close, engage, and retain our ideal client.

We not only saw steep revenue growth in the subsequent months but also 30% improvement in customer retention.

-Bilal Baloch
Co-CEO Series A+ AI client


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OUR Platform

ATOMIC PORTFOLIO SOLUTIONS (APS) is the validated suite of tools and services we use to optimize operations, build high-performance cultures, accelerate learning, and drive results.

Meet Your Consultant

Tom Granado is an award-winning organizational effectiveness expert. He has a 15-year track record of improving business performance when the stakes are highest, in multiple sectors, as an operator and consultant to dozens of portfolio companies.

Tom is known for his multidisciplinary skillset and highly validated, data-driven methods. He is passionate about building high-performing teams and cultures that embrace continuous learning, inclusiveness, and operational excellence.

Tom is certified in The Predictive Index, Denison Culture & Leadership Survey, Deeper Signals, and Scientific Selling 2.0. He holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management & International Business from Tufts University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Economy from The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and a Certificate in Private Equity Investments from Oxford University. He is completing coursework toward a master’s degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology at Harvard University (expected 2025).

Tom lives in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC, with his lovely wife Kyle, son Rio, and two doggos (Pino Pazzo and Bea Biscuits).

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